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Invo Technologies specializes in creating a seamless, cryptographic platform designed for game developers. Our main service allows the interconnection of in-game economies, creating new revenue streams and enhanced player engagement for game studios.

By integrating Invo, your studio can access new forms of revenue through our interoperable economic model. It also helps to improve player retention by offering the ability to transfer value across games, creating a continuous ecosystem that benefits developers and players alike.

As the game developer, you're empowered with complete control over your game’s economy. You determine how and when the default currency, imported from other games in our network, can be utilized. For example, you could restrict the use of external currency to non-game-altering items, such as cosmetic skins or time-limited power-ups, which won't affect the core gameplay or economy. It’s like having foreign currency in a domestic market – you define the exchange rules and what it can purchase. This allows for maintaining the integrity and balance of your game’s economy while still participating in a larger gaming ecosystem.

The key to stability in your game’s economy, even when open to external monetary influences, lies in your control over the incoming default currency. This currency, while it can flow into your game from external sources, is under your complete jurisdiction regarding its application. You can establish systems within your game that absorb the external currency without destabilizing your economy, ensuring that the influx of funds doesn't lead to inflation or negatively impact the game’s internal financial balance.

The integration of blockchain technology and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) is our safeguard against potential exploits within individual games. Since each unit of default currency is recorded on the blockchain, any discrepancy caused by in-game exploits becomes irrelevant to the currency’s blockchain representation. The API in our plugin references the blockchain to validate currency, ensuring that even if an exploit occurs, it cannot affect the currency’s integrity or its value when transferred to another game.

Absolutely, security is a cornerstone of our platform. Our cryptographic technology guarantees the safe execution of all transactions, and our systems adhere to industry-standard security protocols to protect both developers and players.

Our technology is compatible with both Unreal Engine and Unity. Additionally, we are flexible enough to integrate with custom game engines that your studio might use, making our solution versatile and adaptable.

To begin using Invo, you can register for our developer dashboard. This portal provides all the necessary SDKs and APIs for integration, as well as comprehensive guides and support to facilitate the implementation process.

We require a minimum of $100 to front-load your game’s economy. This initial cost is offset as players start engaging in transactions and buying your in-game default currency.

Invo charges a 10% transfer tax for every value transfer. Within this, 3.5% goes to the developer who is losing the player, another 3.5% goes to the developer gaining the player, thus encouraging the ecosystem, and the remaining 3% is for Invo Technologies as the facilitator of this transaction.

Absolutely, the SDK we provide is built to be flexible. It can easily adapt to the unique characteristics of your game, whether it’s the interface, the economics, or the user experience.

Yes, the platform can handle all types of in-game transactions. This includes transactions with real currency, virtual currency, or a mix of both.

Invo can be seamlessly integrated into both new and existing games. Our SDK is built for easy implementation, regardless of the game’s current stage.

We offer robust developer support through a ticketing system, FAQs, and a community of developers. You're not alone in the integration process; our team is always ready to assist.

We have a robust troubleshooting system built into the platform. If any issues arise, they can typically be resolved through our developer dashboard. For complex issues, our support team is available for direct consultation.

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