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As a Project Manager at OptimusFox for over two and a half years, this individual has cultivated a robust set of management skills and methodologies, playing a pivotal role in navigating projects from inception to completion. They have meticulously managed various project phases, including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing, ensuring that milestones and deliverables align with project objectives. They are adept at collaborating closely with development teams, implementing RUP, and maintaining Kanban Boards. This individual ensures that projects operate within the triple constraint triangle, safeguarding project success. Client communication and collaboration are a cornerstone of their approach, frequently engaging with clients to discuss project status, obstacles, and receiving feedback, ensuring project trajectories meet client expectations

In the role of Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer, the individual has exhibited profound expertise in quality assurance methodologies and strategic implementation. At OptimusFox and Truve, they were responsible for orchestrating comprehensive test strategies, creating detailed test plans, and enhancing product quality and stability through various analytical techniques. The goal has always been to bolster the efficiency, stability, and scalability of the products, and they did this by leveraging tools such as Ishikawa Diagrams, Pareto Charts, and other qualitative techniques. Their responsibility also extended to supervising the SQA Team, ensuring the rigorous application of quality procedures, thereby elevating customer satisfaction levels and enhancing internal quality process flows.

Having worked across various positions and organizations, this individual has also accumulated substantial experience in software quality assurance at NETSOL Technologies Inc., FERASCO, and other companies. Their role in these positions included identifying and resolving application defects, creating and executing test cases, liaising with development teams, and engaging in various types of testing such as unit, integration, sanity, and performance testing. They have shown a significant command of domain knowledge, particularly in leasing and financing applications, by consistently coordinating with business administration teams and stakeholders, thus enhancing the product's alignment with industry requirements and standards.

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